Thousand Oaks: Drunken Driver Crashes into a Home in Briarwood Killing a Man in His Sleep

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A 76-year-old man never got to wake up from his sleep after a drunk driver crashed into his home killing him instantly. His death was attributable to the fatal injuries that he suffered thanks to the severe blow he got from the truck as its point of impact was right where he was sleeping. 

According to KTLA reports, the accident happened at around 2 am after a drunken 19-year-old Arizona driver failed to hit the brakes of the truck he was driving consequently crashing into the 76-year-old man’s home. The report continued to add that at the time of the accident, there were other people in the house but they were unscathed. 

The 19-year old, whose name is still a mystery, was arrested at the scene. 

It is the hope of Johnson Attorneys that the bereaved family can come to terms with the unfortunate incident and that time is their healer.


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