Pasadena Car Accident Attorneys

Pasadena Car Accident Attorneys

Pasadena is located in California, in the County of Los Angels. The population is approximately 139,731 people. Pasadena is famous because they are the host for both the Roses parade and the football game. This is a city filled with culture. Institutions of science and technology are common here. There are also wonderful museums, centers of art and colleges.

With absolutely no warning you can be involved in a severe car accident. An injury or a lost life means you need to find a Pasadena car accident attorney immediately. A good accident lawyer is required to protect your rights and be certain compensation is made for your injury or loss.

Statistics show that in the United States, someone loses their life every twelve to fifteen minutes from collisions. The Safety Administration for traffic on the highway has reported these collisions as being the number one cause of death for individuals who are ages eight to thirty-four.

The number of individuals injured from crashes every single year is a staggering 2.5 million. Unfortunately this results in about half of them having a permanent disability that changes their lives. Damage to the brain and permanent paralysis are excellent examples of these injuries and why a Pasadena car accident attorney becomes necessary.

Sixty-three individuals were in a total of twenty-six car crashes that turned out to be fatal in 2011 alone. This was in just one city and drunk drivers were responsible for five of these accidents. Being injured is scary, especially if the injury is permanent. Losing someone you love can be even worse. An accident lawyer understands this and will work with you to see that justice is done.

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