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With 100,000+ jobs and a population of 133,936 near Los Angeles and the Los Angeles International Airport, Pasadena, California is an ideal safe place to work or temporarily locate a small business. Among tourists and daily commuters, on the job accidents do happen. Whether you are in a managerial, professional, service, sales, construction, or transportation position, you may need a Pasadena workers compensation lawyer if you get injured in a work vehicle or on the job.

Accident Attorney

Our accident attorney will collect evidence in your case to find all possible negligence and contributory negligence while you rest and recuperate. You need a staunch compassionate lawyer, who is really on your side, if you partially caused the accident. You probably do not know the extent of your injuries. Our work accident attorney strives to establish liability in your workplace or work vehicle accident.

Personal Injury

Our accident attorney is also a personal injury lawyer who can negotiate with your employer, your insurance, and adversarial insurance companies on your behalf. Our law firm knows what benefits and services you need and are entitled to, especially if your injuries are severe and life-threatening. If you are badly injured, you do not need to come into our office. We can get your medical records from your healthcare providers. Our attorney will seek monetary compensation for your:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitative care
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Workers Compensation

Our workers compensation lawyer will collect your medical treatment and billing records to determine the dollar amount of your losses and calculate a reasonable settlement figure for your pain and suffering. Our law firm can help with complicated cases with multiple defendants or if your insurance company files a subrogation letter for reimbursement. Our work accident attorney investigates all possible avenues to maximize compensation in your case. Our attorney can help you file a claim for social security disability and represent you in agency hearings and workman’s compensation hearings, which differ greatly from a hearing in a California court. Our workers compensation attorney works diligently to get you:

  • Social security disability
  • Medicare
  • Disability insurance
  • Workman’s compensation

Wrongful Death

If you lost of a family member or the principal wage earner in your household due to an on-the-job injury caused by negligent or deliberate actions of another, you may need legal representation to preserve your rights. You need a sympathetic professional attorney who understands your medical, psychological, and financial problems as a result of the accident. Our law firm advocates for you to bring you comfort and peace of mind. We confront the parties liable for your loved one’s death.

If you were injured in a place where you should have been safe near Pasadena, California, contact our Pasadena workers compensation attorney for a free consultation. Our law firm will immediately determine the merits of your case. We’ll be there promptly when you need us. We charge no fees until we receive a settlement in your case.

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