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It's an unfortunate reality that car accidents happen every day, and many of those claims come across the desk of our accident attorney. Some of these accidents result in serious injury, even death. As a driver, you can take steps to avoid being involved in an accident, such as driving defensively and safely. But, unfortunately, not all accidents are avoidable. If another driver is drunk or distracted, you could be involved in a major collision without the ability to avoid it. Your experienced Pomona car accident lawyer wants to make sure you and your loved ones are safe at all times, and one of the biggest ways you can ensure your safety is to be properly restrained.

It Starts With You

If you are planning on driving just a short distance, it's best if you put your seat belt on. You need to set the example for all of your passengers. If you're in the habit of putting your seat belt on, it lessens the chance you'll forget in the future. And most, if not all new cars, make a very distinct warning sound when you start to drive without your seatbelt buckled.

Children's Car Seat

Check the car seat regulations and ensure you're in compliance. Regulations change from time to time, so it's best to make sure your child is in the proper car seat for his or her height and weight. Some law enforcement facilities provide free car seat safety checks to ensure the seats are properly installed as well. Check with your accident attorney if you are unsure where to have your seat checked.

Make Sure Children Buckle Up

If your child is no longer in a car seat, you still want to ensure he's buckled at all times. Again, this goes back to your own habits. When your child sees you buckling, he'll follow suit and develop his own habits.

If you've been injured in a car accident, consult with an experienced Pomona car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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