Redondo Car Accident Lawyers

Redondo Car Accident Lawyers

With an approximate population of 667,577, Redondo Beach, California is a beach city where tourists flock every year, but like any town, Redondo Beach has its share of automobile accidents. Those who have sustained an injury due to a car accident in Redondo Beach, California need a car accident attorney to protect their rights. Pacific Attorney Group has the experience to ensure accident victims receive the compensation they deserve for their pain and suffering.

Redondo Car Accident Statistics

The most recent year's statistics available from the California Office of Traffic Safety show that 327 collisions took place in Redondo Beach. From these numbers, 59 accidents were due to excessive speeds, 32 happened at night and 25 were considered hit and runs. Those who find themselves listed among these statistics should seek representation from a Redondo car accident lawyer at our firm to find out what legal remedies are available.

The Insurance Company

The insurance company's favorite kind of automobile accident victim is one who does not have a car accident attorney on his side because there is a greater likelihood of the insurance company being able to compel the victim to settle for much less money than they could with a lawyer handling the case. It is to the victim's financial detriment to sign a release from the insurance company without knowing the full extent and ramifications of his injuries. Before the victim talks to the insurance adjuster, he should first call a Redondo car accident lawyer.

Anyone who sustains injuries from an auto accident in Redondo Beach needs to have a car accident attorney who can get the largest award possible. Contact Pacific Attorney Group today for a free consultation and start getting assistance with your case now.

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 If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or a loved one has died due to the negligence of another driver in an automobile accident, contact us today.

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The Pacific Attorney Group’s Los Angeles car accident attorneys are experienced and skilled, with thousands of successful personal injury cases under their belts. Our excellent legal team has secured millions of dollars in judgments and settlements for accident victims and their families.

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