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Person injury from bicycle accidents can be both emotionally and physically tiring, and even more so if they result in head injuries, broken limbs, facial disfigurement or even paralysis. Often times bicyclists come in harm's way and suffer injuries although they may not be at fault. In such cases, our expert bicycle accident lawyers at the Pacific Attorney Group in Los Angeles are prepared to assist you or a family member after a bicycle accident happens. 

Our highly experienced bicycle accident lawyers can be of particular help in accidents involving motor vehicles, especially in cases which the vehicle operator has fled. Therefore, it is in the hit-and-run victim’s best interest to contact our trained personal injury lawyers in order to seek out all possible sources of compensation. 

Our lawyers understand that many factors such as road conditions, construction, and faulty bike parts can result in bicycle accidents. For this reason, Pacific Attorney Group has represented avid cyclists, college students, bike messengers, and many others throughout Southern California after they suffered injuries. Cycling to various places instead of driving is a common way of life in California, therefore when a cyclist has their safety compromised, we make sure responsible parties are held accountable. 

We at Pacific Attorney Group believe in honesty and hard work, therefore we collect no compensation unless we win for you. The goal of our attorneys is to work relentlessly to protect the rights of bicycle injury victims throughout Southern California. In order for us to provide you with the best possible service, we offer free initial consultations with our bicycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles. Our seasoned experience in dealing with insurance companies has provided us with the stamina to obtain proper compensation for our clients. During your free consultation, our personal injury lawyer will review your case and cover common issues that may have resulted in your bike accident such as: 

* Liability in the event that potholes and other road defect or maintenance issues contributed to a bicycle injury.

* Dog attacks on bicyclists.

* Slippery conditions on beach bike paths.

* Insurance coverage that may apply, possibly including homeowner's insurance.

* Legal procedures that become necessary when an injured bicyclist is physically incapacitated and faces short to long term partial or total disability: powers of attorney, guardianships, special needs trusts, and interaction with creditors.

* Legal complexities arising from uninsured or under-insured drivers involved in bike crashes. 

It is essential that you or your family members call to discuss your bicycle accidents with a bicycle accident attorney from our firm as soon as possible. The sooner our lawyers become involved in the accident investigation, the sooner we can begin preparing your case. We an ensure that we will work diligently to get you the maximum compensation amount for your injury, as well as referring you to doctors for treatment of your injuries. Our preferred choice healthcare providers have treated high profile clients such as Olympic athletes and can offer you the same hope for improvement and rehabilitation post injury. 

Our services at Pacific Attorney Group are not just limited to bicycle accident cases. We also offer a strong defense in wrong death claims. Losing a family member to an accident can be a traumatic experience and we understand that. Our lawyers will work with you and your family to make sure that your case receives the justice it deserves. There is no case that is too difficult or complicated for the attorneys at the Pacific Attorney Group to handle and win. 

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