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The number of motorcycle fatalities increased by 153% from 1998 to 2007, according to the California Office of Traffic Safety. This alarming statistic is not too surprising given the high traffic volume experienced on roadways in Los Angeles and Orange County.

With that said, there is not much protection for bikers and cyclists who collide with a motor vehicle. The seatbelts and large metal cage does more for the driver than helmets, protective gloves, boots, jackets and pants do for the person on a motorcycle. Other road hazards that threaten motorcyclists’ safety include slick roads, cracks, potholes and icy roads.

Injuries suffered after a motorcycle accident are often very serious. Some are even fatal. Motorcyclists are at-risk of:

• Broken bones

• Bruises

• Traumatic brain injury

• Spinal cord injury

Some accidents can leave bikes paralyzed or with a permanent disability including life as an amputee. Hospital bills can place significant financial strain on the biker and his or her family. Permanent disability usually results in a loss of income and a lifetime of medical bills.

A personal injury lawyer with Pacific Attorney Group will advocate on behalf of riders who endure injury and harm from the careless actions of other drivers. Our solid track record of successfully making insurance companies compensate motorcyclists who are injured is our guarantee. 

Our clients have received money for current and ongoing medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation and pain and suffering. Call and speak to a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer today.

California Law is not on Bikers’ Side

Lane-splitting is something that bikers enjoy when traffic is has slowed down or is at a standstill. According to California law, they are able to use this dangerous practice of drive on the double yellow line. 

The problem is drivers are not always looking for a lane-splitting biker. They may pick up speed as soon as traffic clears before checking to see if someone is riding alongside their vehicle. Three biker deaths have occurred from this practice within the past year.

Who is At-Fault in a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident?

Accident laws in California states that more than one person cal be held responsible for an accident. The personal injury lawyer assigned to your case works closely with police officers, experts and witnesses to determine who is at-fault. 

When it is found that both the driver and motorcyclist is at-fault, we will determine who bears the greater responsibility. Just because you might be partially responsible for a crash does not automatically mean you have no right to damages. Your compensation might be less, but our Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer will fight to ensure it is not lower than it needs to be.

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You will receive personalized attention from an accomplished Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer who knows California traffic and liability law. You are trying to recover from a very traumatic experience. The additional burden of representing yourself before insurance companies and attorneys is not something you should bear.

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