• One Dies in Single-Car Crash on 5 Freeway near Highway 4

    One Killed in Jeep and Guardrail Crash on I-5 Freeway at Charter Way.

    Stockton, California (February 6, 2017) - One fatality was reported after an accident occurred at the intersection of 5 Freeway and Highway 4 on Sunday morning.

    The fatal incident occurred at about 12.34 a.m. at Charter Way

    The CHP reported that a jeep crashed into a guardrail on the northbound side of 5 Freeway at Charter Way. Another accident occurred a short time later when a blue Chevrolet Equinox collided into the debris that were scattered on the road.

    Police responded to the crash site and found a female passenger who sustained major injuries. All northbound lanes of 5 Freeway were closed and traffic diverted off onto Charter Way.

    However, at least one person was pronounced dead in the incident. The guardrail on the right shoulder was in the incident.  The right lane was as the Caltrans worked to repair the damaged guardrail.

    No further information concerning the accident was provided at this time


    The authorities are investigating the accident to determine the cause.

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