• Irvine, CA: Truck Accident Injures One on the 5 Freeway near Alton Parkway

    One Hurt in 2-Car Crash on the 5 Freeway near Alton Parkway

    Irvine, California (August 17, 2017) – Two vehicles crashed injuring at least one person Tuesday morning on the Interstate 5 freeway adjacent close to Alton Parkway, according to the California Highway Patrol.

    The crash was reported at about 5:28 a.m. and involved a white dually pickup truck and a gray Honda.

    As a result of the impact, the truck which was hauling a Bobcat trailer turned an embankment upside down landing on its rooftop. The vehicle motorist was stuck in the overturned truck.

    The Honda altered direction and diverged to the shoulder of the 15 Freeway.

    The Honda changed direction and faced the wrong way on the freeway shoulder.

    Firefighters came to the accident site to rescue the victims. However, information concerning the hurt was not immediately released.

    A SigAlert was issued closing the Numbers three, four and five lanes for about two hours.

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